Our Story

Coffee Connection was founded in Cumberland, Rhode Island in 2001. The concept started as a Traditional Bakery, one single blend of Columbian coffee, bread, and pastries. As the years went by, Coffee Connection grew in popularity, our clients changed, demands changed, and so we changed with them.

Our concept evolved; we launched flavored signature coffees,  we focused more on breakfast and lunch. In We curated a menu and we haven’t stopped.

We are now Six Cafes strong and our family is looking to expand to its Sixth.

What we do

To set Rhode Island on the right foot every morning, by serving our patrons the best cup of coffee.

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Coffee Bean tour

We have bean waiting for you

Life is full of flavors. We at the Coffee Connection have been passionate about capturing flavors that enliven our customers experience.

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Hours of operations vary between locations.
Cumberland Weekdays (6-6) Sat(7-6) Sun (7-2)
Woonsocket Weekdays (6-3) Sat(7-3) Sun (7-2)
N. Providence Weekdays (6-4) Weekend (7-4)
N. Attleboro Weekdays (6-6) Sat (7-6) Sun (7-3)
Providence Weekdays (7-3) Weekend (8-3)
Smithfield Weekdays (6-6) Weekend (6-6)